I babble too.

Sob sob..the last post reminded me of the times when I saw this flick with Vipul the Pahwa, right a day before the final exams..! :( Vipullllll...........:(((((((((


Waise, on work front..me got a nice boss (touchwood, *nice* is an understatement! ). He keeps enquiring if I have resumed blogging?! Dont stop blogging and get a life outside work are his commands for the week :)). Okay okay..am not blogging coz he asked me to..(see see boss, am so nice :P ), am blogging coz I feel like..(yeh right!! :)) )


I thought of penning down a post on "Lies and all that lies beneath them" (waah waah, what a title!!), but I felt so good after thinking out the title that the post will now have to wait (hehehehehe..lazy me cooks excuses like nobody's business :D )


Umm..thats it for now.

Vipul come back soon re...dumbass, who goes travelling in hot summer??!!!

© Zarine.


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