At times I'm a little lost. Something is on in my mind, but I have no clue what it is. Moving ahead becomes difficult coz something is holding you back. Restlessness and anxiety take over. What on earth is happening?

I feel like walking alone in the night. Guess that should soothe me down...


© Zarine.


chaos said…
seems like you have too many small small things that are bothering you... with no particular priority or urgency... but they do keep popping up now n then (well that happens to me quite a lot)... what i do is take up those small things one at a time ... and go reverse... what if it is not taken care... and if it reaches a point which needs serious attention... i give a second thought... otherwise... park the issue out for the while... try... it might work for you too... :)
Sameer said…
Well, I have been through that kind of a situation before, and my approach is a bit different than what has been proposed by chaos.I shut myself up in my room with music wafting into my senses.Then, I let my mind go on a overdrive, finding out as to what exactly it is that has been bothering me.More often than not, I get the answer.Then, I chalk out a solution for the same and go to sleep, a happy man.
Z, you might want to try out this approach but then, feel free to suitably modify it because we all have our own temperaments to deal with and hence, a similar problem may require different strategies for different people.
Anonymous said…
i dont think she has a problem to which she's really lookin to find a solution for.. its just a general observation nd somethin that all of us experience..
Rohit said…
well i tried to post in thru the message thing .... it bombed...

Well i ws recommended this blog by a frnd of mine...guess what..i ws asked by him to have a look at the template u r using...he is mad over the colors that i am using....guess what..the template no doubt is amazing....the content is even better...i ended up spending about more than half an hour..

What i liked?
Well many...the way to dicreetly look at things which may pass as normal to many...the content..the expressions...the hidded vengeance...the vent..many..

But in the end...happy i hit on to site...returning back with somethings just more than the template design...:)

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