Eyeing Expansion: Intel's Offering to Rural India - the Community PC

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he rural sector has one more reason to smile. After ITC's e-choupals, here comes Intel's "Community PC" platform.

Intel has recently announced the Community PC as its offering to the rural Indian. Its part of the "Jagruti" initiative wherein Intel collaborates with businesses, governments and education institutes to provide their services through this platform.

The PC is designed to face the rough and tough conditions of the rural sector. It is a expandable and runs on shared access. It has a rugged chassis, Customized Power Supply Unit (CPSU), lower power consumption and Access Control. The Chassis can withstand harsh temperatures (upto 45 degree Celsius), high humidity levels(70 to 85 RH). It has an in built fan to cool the motherboard. The CPSU is a combination of the Integrated Power Supply and UPS. This protects the computer from abrupt power cuts. What's more, it takes less than 100W to run!

Rural India is a huge untapped market for the Big Tech guys. Internet kiosks have been increasing across the rural India providing access to services like e-governance, e-banking et al. Intel aims to position its PC for such kiosks thus not only providing the farmer with a rough and tough machine, but also promoting access to technology.

Be it FMCG or IT, Rural India is the place to be. But is this another monopoly in making?

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vipul said…
testing the comments
Aaron Keogh said…
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uRmad said…
Err....Looks like your recruiter brought abt a change in topics being blogged on ;)

@Aaron...I am sure there are loads of better ways of asking relevant ppl to blog abt ur product. Spamming is the last of them ;)
Satish Reddy said…
i directed to ur blog frm orkut...happy to hear...and ur concern towards village economy and welfare..how far it become sucess .Considering india to be pool of techis.U hardly found abt 5% people using net...In other words mainly students and some professionals use it.How rural India can u benifited ?? nway visit my blog do leave comment....http://www.dreambulletin.blogspot.com
amit thakkar said…
hey dear..... i came across ur blog frm orkut ..... its realli cool and u come across as a socially knowledgeable and a person who cares for others .....keep blogging .... keep on writing with the same flair .... njoy ....
Shirazi said…
Nice initiative.
God Krishna said…
hmm.. i am not sure about the monopoly part.. even if it does turn out into one, i am not too sure if its a bad thing!!!

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