Vipul the Pahwa seriously posts here about masks and all.

I dont see any problem with masks. Not everyone deserves to know you as you are. Different people, different situations and therfore a different you. As long as you can control who you are, no issues.

At some time the mask will come off, you say? Then lemme put it this way. Replace masks with faces in the above para. Now now faces dont come off,do they? ;)

Itna sonchneka nahi life mein. Jab situation jaisa hai,waisa react karneka.

© Zarine.


Chocolate said…
hindustan ke itihaas mein yeh pehli baar hua hai ke, kisis ne hamare "masks" ki tauheen karne ki jurrat ki hai..
tumhe is gustaakhi ki kadi se kadi sazaa milegi :P
the_new_cloud said…
I didnt get you:-P
Plz explain again :-P
Zarine said…
@ Vipul - Jahanpanaa, aage badho aur hawa aane do :D

@ Manish - Boleto kya samajh nahi aaya? Plz ask again :P
chaos said…
Masks are life... you can't live without them... the horros is when you are face to face with two persons at the same time for whom you have separate masks... :P

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