A Mid-Life start – Down Under – Part 2

The flights were ok. The kiddo didn’t trouble much. God bless her.

A notable thing happened at the Singapore airport. We had some time before the boarding started for onward journey to Oz. I kept seeing those “Prayer Rooms” signboards and told Hubby I wanted to offer a prayer before we proceeded. He said ok. So I went towards to the prayer room. There was nobody there. It felt cut out from the rest of the airport…so I went back and called him to be near about the room…which he agreed. I went back in and started praying. As I proceeded through the prayer, I started getting so nervous and shaky…I kept forgetting my chants. I kept getting them wrong and starting from beginning and getting them wrong again…some guy was praying loudly in the adjacent room and it was either a distraction or I just wanted to stop praying and listen to him…either ways, the clock was ticking and the boarding had begun.

Those few mins in the prayer room, I wasn’t in my own senses…I was been swayed by something..I have no idea. It was either the fatigue of the preceding 24 hours or the stress of the coming ones. Or I simply wanted to be there and not do anything. I completed the prayer and headed back to my family. We headed to the boarding area.

It was a night flight so slept through it. Landed in Oz and Custom’s was a breeze. We thought that was cool. Till we realised we forgot kiddo’s shoes and the 50 aud prepaid calling card on the plane seat (thanks to yours truly). Major fuck up. How do we call our host to pick us up? Some free calling booth came to the rescue but some other mistakes like the above make it so tough for me to forgive myself. But then, where do I go if I don’t forgive myself? So I forgive and move on (atleast I pretend to)

We stayed with an acquaintance (who happens to be the sister of the roomie of Hubby’s best friend’s spouse. Yeh. Right.) We were with them for about 8 days or so. Meanwhile, found a unit, rented it, bought some furniture and moved it on 1st of Aug. 

Life had begun, down under.

© Z.


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