August 18, 2016

A Mid-Life start – Down Under – Part 2

The flights were ok. The kiddo didn’t trouble much. God bless her.

A notable thing happened at the Singapore airport. We had some time before the boarding started for onward journey to Oz. I kept seeing those “Prayer Rooms” signboards and told Hubby I wanted to offer a prayer before we proceeded. He said ok. So I went towards to the prayer room. There was nobody there. It felt cut out from the rest of the airport…so I went back and called him to be near about the room…which he agreed. I went back in and started praying. As I proceeded through the prayer, I started getting so nervous and shaky…I kept forgetting my chants. I kept getting them wrong and starting from beginning and getting them wrong again…some guy was praying loudly in the adjacent room and it was either a distraction or I just wanted to stop praying and listen to him…either ways, the clock was ticking and the boarding had begun.

Those few mins in the prayer room, I wasn’t in my own senses…I was been swayed by something..I have no idea. It was either the fatigue of the preceding 24 hours or the stress of the coming ones. Or I simply wanted to be there and not do anything. I completed the prayer and headed back to my family. We headed to the boarding area.

It was a night flight so slept through it. Landed in Oz and Custom’s was a breeze. We thought that was cool. Till we realised we forgot kiddo’s shoes and the 50 aud prepaid calling card on the plane seat (thanks to yours truly). Major fuck up. How do we call our host to pick us up? Some free calling booth came to the rescue but some other mistakes like the above make it so tough for me to forgive myself. But then, where do I go if I don’t forgive myself? So I forgive and move on (atleast I pretend to)

We stayed with an acquaintance (who happens to be the sister of the roomie of Hubby’s best friend’s spouse. Yeh. Right.) We were with them for about 8 days or so. Meanwhile, found a unit, rented it, bought some furniture and moved it on 1st of Aug. 

Life had begun, down under.

© Z.

A Mid-Life start – Down Under – Part 1

I didn’t know there was a template for a blog post in MS word.

In the last 2 years, an idea which was dormant in my idea for about 2 decades or so started germinating. It was mostly watered by the birth of my daughter (that sounded weird) It was about migrating to Australia. There was something about this place which allured me. It was away, self-sufficient, least bothered, aloof, didn’t give a damn and it was both ugly and pretty. It was me in a lot of ways.

I started the immigration process by visiting those visa consultants (a special mention of a friend, TJ, a discussion with whom helped me narrow it down) and then over the period of the next 4-5 months struggled through the documentation process. Husband complied wherever possible, but was mostly a sleeping partner in the whole process (that’s very unlikely of him, though. As I discover much later that he played along as he wasn’t much keen on migration, but did so on my behest). 

Nevertheless, half of 2014 and all of 2015 went by with not much happening except of applications and waiting to hear from the dept. of immigration. . Finally, in Feb 2016, we received our visa grant!

I remember how restless Hubby and I were before the grant came along…and when it did, we just couldn’t wait to move. After a detailed discussion, we decided to move by end July as we had professional and personal commitments to meet. The next 4 months were testing, full of anxiety, nervous, etc as we were sailing in two boats. But they were also some of the best too as so many colleagues reached out to us, and still do, to tell us how much we are missed or how much our work is valued. That wasn’t feel good…but that actually felt good :)
Ok, me digresses. We visited all the relatives and families, had some good time and before we knew it was about a week till departure. This when the shit started hitting the fan. Inspite of planning everything in so much advance, things just started falling apart. Though, all the furniture was sold, all the accounts were closed and withdrawn...there was some stuff that was to be transferred to the in-laws place. This didn’t happen on the day it was planned. The packers didn’t show up. It happened 3 days later and it was enough to throw everything in front of the bus. We were to travel on 23rd morn. The stuff should’ve left our place by 17th…it left by 21st. Which meant that it shaved off that many precious days from the last min packing. Add to it, on 22nd we had some stall-ups happening…some massive ones…which meant hubby and I were basically up all night packing and showering and then leaving for the airport.

The chaos of those preceding 24 hours. The stuff that we had to leave behind and the way we had to leave it behind...the 10 years of having built it from scratch…it all just didn’t deserve the ending it got. It will suffice to say to say Hubby and I used to still get nightmares of those 24 hours’ weeks after we landed in Oz.

We didn’t leave India on a happy note.

© Z.

December 02, 2014

Time to stop

Time to stop


It flies by you
Like they rightly said
You are still thinking about
Things to be done and bared
A moment comes
When the will to dream dies
Coz the dream can't only on thoughts survive
It can't be a record that plays
Over and over again
So long that it stops sounding
The way it sounded back then
You look into your rack
For new unplayed ones
And see none

For all were played to be enjoyed
But died in the hope of being heard

How long shall such
A sojourn go on
When shall you do the dream
That simply needs to be done

May 27, 2014

Being innocent and being foolish are two different things.

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September 27, 2013

Here and now

Its been a has been tough...the duel continues...

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September 18, 2012

Personal Branding

I want to separate out the word personal from branding. I think a personal brand is the moment when you start to lie. Focus first on the personal and you beat up all the competition instantly. Just being honest, being yourself, doing the work, applying the daily practice for just a few months, and your personal self will come to life more than it ever has before. You'll be honest with the people around you and that automatically beats all the competition because they’re too slick, too dishonest, too focused on their brands. You’re not focused on that anymore. When you come up with honest, sincere ideas for people, and you give rather than expecting to take, then you suddenly have separated yourself out from 99 percent of the competition. You win. And it’s that easy to do it.